CodeAsm's Z80 page

Well, sadly there isnt much here yet, but soon this will change. I have some Z80 projects going on, ill post some updates on that soon

Ive got a N8VEM (that Ill recall Z80DEV, just because that guy stopped or something), a few lose chips, 3 MSX 1, a SBC made by someone

and tried to write an emulator (broken, in C#)

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This is one of the cheap MSX1 I got from Marktplaats. Time for modding and hacking :D

The underside of a Z80 board I got, Eprom was dead so I have no Idea what it was used for. 2 PIO and some small ram.
(ill search for updates on this board someday.)

My N8VEM, I mean, Z80DEV single board computer. It works and runs CP/M. did had some trouble with the eeprom at some time and got a WillemProgrammer to fix it.


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