Day 1-7 - Internet and its awesome websites

Last Updated on 24 March 2013 | Written by CodeAsm

Finaly after using some weird functions I got Internet yesterday on my room at the Xiamen Software park. please press readmore to view more pictures and more about the first few weeks.



Try PPoE and if you use a TP-Link, keep the Chinese firmware or good luck with openWRT.

Also I like to point out that you better can use instead of the slow working, google isn't working really and Baidu is better anyway. Also note that some well known websites doesn't work, but one can receive notifications. Just use your own blog or some one.

also i like to point out that CHINA Unicom is best Simcard/prepaid whatever, I got lots of minutes, messages and 300mb a month for 230 Yuan :P get discount when a 4 is in your number :P 10 yuan.

On a Nokia lumia you need to load he network settings to be using 3g or 2g :P

And Make sure you visit a SM Market place, its awesome, big and lots of choices.
not all cheaper, but awesome. also gameconsoles for litle bit cheaper prices, 200 Yuan for a psp vita while in the netherlands its arround 250 i think. no 3g seen yet.

Another few days later we visited the University buildings and we shopped some arround. please look at the pictures. Ive met the Chinese classmates and went to KTV to sing karaoke and also visited a few nice views in the city.

View from roof of my appartment

Money and pillow

In flight

Dinner time, Korean BBQ

View from school.

Random Hotel we have seen.

A nice view

Gameconsole stores everywhere.

The main shopping street. wait, there is more..? omy...

Random place

More shopping, wait... thats me :P

Lake at the university. and me.. why me again?