Week 7 in china

Last Updated on 07 April 2013 | Written by CodeAsm

Its been a while and lot have happened. See pictures for some things I did. I met new people and learned some basic Chinese, a long road ahead but we are getting there..

Actually the images are a bit bigger, please use right click and view image for full resolution (they are a bit scaled down but still large enough for some details)

This is the west gate of the Xiamen University, here are also a bookstore, Turkish restaurant and some nice shops where Ive been. actually I go here once a week at least.

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This is actually a very normal game, Monopoly Deal. But we play it here very often because its fun :D

This is just me doing my thing waiting for the elevator at the 30th floor. Omy so high,.... the floor im at...

All you can eat with friends from Holland (Only the Girl is real Chinese )

Some sweet Caramel Coffee for 18Yuan.

We also go to KTV, witch is Karaoke bar with lots of songs where you sing for fun. Sonia is singing an traditional song here. (we've been here last week)

Playing a game with a feather thing i don't remember the name of. you hit it with your feet and try to catch it from another person who he/she plays it towards you.

Modern Toilet restaurant where they serve Chocolate ice cream, how nice :D

A normal car or what? here in Xiamen they have all kinds of cars with lights everywhere.

Yesterday we have been playing pool for like 2 hours and i'm finally getting a bit better at it. we where playing with, Ben, Milly, Steven, Leon, Supreet, Imad and Robert-Jan and of course myself.

at home I'm doing some Raspberry Pi things but forget to bring a mouse and keyboard, so i need to buy one here, should be cheap.


Tomorrow some picture about the BBQ, its late now, so I'm sorry.