Last Updated on 26 April 2013 | Written by CodeAsm

Today (Or actually when I write this, yesterday),

Was a fun day, we learned a new Chinese song to sing "The Moon is my witness" (hope the lyrics are correct, we learned the Chinese ones)

Anyway, Sonia, a Chinese classmate showed me this picture at KTV the evening before. I like to share it with you. The Article around it was about Japanese Bento. And She had this awesome bag :D


After school... ehm, work.... doing not much today...
We went to SM City, which is a large shopping mall in Xiamen, China.
There I bought an awesome game console for just 75 Yuan and a game for 15 (90Yuan is around 11 euro)
Next to it my new Lenovo E530 I7 GT635M Laptop with fresh and free Windows7 (Originally came with Ubuntu, ill put Arch on it later)

Yeah, you see it correct, I got this Game console in a Dutch Bakery store bag. I saw it like 10 minutes after i got it, like WOW lol.

After the break some internal pictures, but first a picture of Imad his TL-WR703N Router 1.7v that he flashed wrong and I try to rs232 ttl Serial com Fix it.

and some work I have to do for the school project

Please click "Read more" for the Game console in action, and its "Chinese" Pirate In-ovation (Damm small)



Damn small black thingy, prepare for Handheld NES soon when i'm home in Holland :D
Playing some Tetris and Mario like a bad-ass