New hardware recieved on easter

Last Updated on 27 April 2011 | Written by CodeAsm

Easter is just over for like 2 days and I can tell you:

Its awesome to get home and receive allot of packages at once and stuff you got just before you left.
I dont tell all the stories but to keep it simple. 2 oldskool pc's from a friend of mine (x486 series) a keyboard and a NXP LPCXpresso protoboard for free. few lcd screens 24 x 2 character dot displays and a Sound recorder board for a few euro's from my favorite store Baco.

Also I got a few packages that I got from on-line stores, a few Zilog IO chips (not in the main picture) and a Xbox one (1.4 or 1.5)Virgin. after the read-more some detailed pictures so you can get some data-sheets or whatever. btw, those LCDs? they have some more left for 2,5 euro;s and 16x2 for 3,5 wich are also on-line. If you visit them in Ijmuiden you also can buy a red LED matrix board with 20x100 LEDs or something 3,5 euros but water damage.

So, go take a look. anyway, I'm back programming that Arduino project with 45 buttons. Ill post pictures and sourcecode of that soon.



Good to see you here, Ill give you the promised pictures. open them in a new tab and youll have them in almost full size. its a interalia 10391-03

according to datasheets its probably compatible with many standard library's like for the arduino.

This last one is a picture I extracted from the Xbox you see in the picture using a XIP extractor and image viewer. Its from the dashboard. Lols. see you next time.