Zakynthos - Greece

Last Updated on 16 July 2011 | Written by CodeAsm

Jammas !

Right, its not like hello but more like the dutch"proost". Its the only greek I know so far. anyhow here we go with the pictures. Im not in to much talking in 26 degrees at night. its 22:56 now.

Wait what ? no pictures? Well, press on the readmore, Id like to keep the frontpage clean.

Here we go...


Schiphol departure

In the ir above germany I believe

Arival at zakynthos

the main airport building

Ow, by the way, here's the cockpit :P female pilot on the left.

our Hotel "Cronulla" at 15 minutes from the beach

another look from the Hotel

big churchtower in zakynthos city

small  church at the central square at Zakynthos city near the coast

"Turtle island" by boat Not our boat, but we have been there to :P

See our "captain" :P

"Supermarket" in greece

made from Moon and tree for Cindy


For now, that was it. See you next time