Skools back in town !

| Written by CodeAsm

11 hours left and then I am officialy am a "Student mentor" of some class in my skool of HvA.
Last week I got to do my last Mathexam thing and I got a 60% right, with is not good. After a litle review of my teacher I got 10% extra, for I do understand the basics but have incorectly informed the java app of what I mean with + is not right, it should be -.

Anyway, I filled my Propedeuse form and hopefully get it soon :P
Today was waiting time, so I did a bit of surfing and came across many lovely and awesome projects I maybe can use. maybe more soon, check it out :

A sort of C#, type-safe OS from Microsoft, Completly FREE.
"Singularity is an experimental operating system being built by Microsoft Research since 2003. It is intended as a highly-dependable OS in which the kernel, device drivers, and applications are all written in managed code."

PC, Comadore, MSX and more Universal Interface cards
I happen to found what a random card for my msx is, its a Uniface card. The control card. Now take a look at the url, its somewhat dutch and english, but its pretty awesome. Maybe I want it for my N8vem SBC aswell. Anyway, its a IO card with makes an universal pinout and protocol.

are awesome,
I ordered a few. Just go there and BUY. I Love them. ... the shirts and zipup hoodies :P

Nyan cat for the NES
What more can I say? Its the famous Nyan cat for the Nintendo Entertaiment System.

I hope to see you guys soon again, and btw, Im thinking of adding a forum or comment system. I get alott of emails about it and nobody is able to respond here. Im outa here.