Books and C programming

| Written by CodeAsm

Pff, Early in the morning to get up and listen to a guy talking about UML.
I really wanted to get more sleep, but now  also know that I need all the lessons and books they talk about. The information itself is interesting, the way some people can teach is a different story, and you may know what I mean by experience or my first sentence on top here.

Anyway, I am very exited about to learn a new programming language, I dont have much "love" with Java. I like Php, took a long look at C# and even learned quite a bit of it at the MBO Applicatiebeheer course. Anyway, Day0 of my Dirty Diary can be found here, witch includes a C start project for Visual Studio 2010. Maybe Ill learn soon how to make real templates.

Anyway, I needed to buy some books for skool and you see that I tried to get them a bit cheaper and still new. is a cool website for the dutch readers, go check that Sh17

Here are the books  I needed for skool so far:

Data structures and algorithms in java
ISBN13                 9780470398807

De Programmeertaal C, 4/E
ISBN13                 9789043016698

Object-Oriented Analysis And Design : Understanding System Development With Uml
ISBN13                 9780470092408

So far I wasnt able to read any of those, I have to wait a few days for them to arrive.
Another good dutch computer book store with you can visit in Amsterdam and by Internet is , so if you happend to be in the city, go ahead to "Care" and dont forget their website for the address. (the little store precisely against care closed, go the the storage, a few meters away. around the corner).

Have a nice day,