Selling stuff and update

| Written by CodeAsm

Happy new Chinese year and welcome back Me :P

Its been a looong time... store is a bit deserted, I asume not many people took a look at it and/or wanted to buy anything. So Im gonna sell stuff a bit later, I got this Devkit you see above last year and im playing with it. ive some project's running and im planning on posting updates on Assemblergames and here. FB an tweets are still comming, but this website is going to get some new features like comments and maybe a forum. Noo, not another random forum... true, so only a small one, and ill see what you guys post. For most game and hardware I hope you already know the Assemblergames website and Hackaday. Please email me if you want an Xbox1 for €20. before 15 Feb2012, else im gonna sell then on i think. byebye for today.