and Cebit

| Written by CodeAsm

I have a new domain name, for easier spreading and more to my interests.
A rework on the the website is maybe on the way, but like always, I just mess arround so priority one is to blog about what I do. Tommorow is Cebit time :D

For more information go to the website and watc my blog, ill try to make some updates as I also want to make a report for a Busninespoint for skool.

Another news update, Im getting very excitted now about going to Valncia Spain. Wait what you ask? Hogeschool van Amsterdam is going to Valencia with 15 students fromĀ  skool to build robots and program them. Ill make a new update about that when I have more info.

new email adress is on the way: will be its domain. also, the store is kinda open, so im gonna add new products soon.

Side note, you can still find me on and