Xbox project status

Last Updated on 09 February 2015 | Written by CodeAsm

So recently some things arround my school made me have lotts of time.

Time to work on a Robot project, and ill make a post about that soon, but I also made some progress in researching the xbox.

xbox modchip

At first a working modchip was modified with a kernel I modded... went wrong, I was at the hackerspace and had no way to reprogram the modchip to a working state there. So back home I used my spiderchip from my first xbox (on the right) to Hotswap chips to reprogram the Xecuter2.2 Pro.

And well, just a day after I got a PM, and there we have a long searched file: Barnabas-2084 .rar (it is in 8 parts.)

its the sourcecode for the Xbox kernel, bios. I might try researching this for Xbox live, an idea many people have ideas about, but no one so far as proven a workingserver. modified xbox or custom servers... its probebly gonna be a mess.

The files are here:

[UPDATE] files are gone there, made an archive backup:

Im not hosting these, because nope. but ill reup if its needed.

Cannot tell alott about what ive done so far, but I can confirm its the source, and compares to a few kernel dumps i have.

More on this and other projects soon, hope Facebook comments work ;P


Website new comment system

Last Updated on 18 July 2014 | Written by CodeAsm

So after upgrading my Linux Arch install, customizing my Awesome Window manager and ordering some ic's for my robot project I introduce you to the Facebook comment system ive installed on my website (works way better than the other system I got and now removed).

So you sadly have to use Facebook (please comment on how to do Google+) and I hope you enjoy it.

Updates on my Vlog comming soon and I got a Eink paper, hope ill get it to work soon after my robot car with RaspiCamera.

Picture is of a Ledmatrix I got from BacoArmyGoods, and want to controll it from my arduino:


Xbox Alpha running

Last Updated on 15 April 2014 | Written by CodeAsm

Small update, recieved the USB card and its working :D

Pressed go, and its recoverying the dashboard on my Windows XP drive. Gone are all the iligal mp3 ;)

And an example file is run from the xdk dashboard

To see the dashboard: Borman released the recovery file I used.

And for those who search for some alpha or xbox related files:


Xbox Alpha build

Last Updated on 15 April 2014 | Written by CodeAsm

Xbox Alpha running

Building an Xbox Alpha pc is done before, and its not that hard after all.

You are only very limited in wich parts you can use. You need specific hardware and the software will only run with the correct setup and settings.
So ill just post wich parts I got with a few images allong (ill add more details later so you can try matching them againtst your parts)

There are cool projects going on to make a XBox run in an Qemu and Cxbx is already doing an awesome job emulating a few more games and applictation these days, even the Sega Chihiro Arcade system :D .

I builded my system because of, well,.. Because I can, and its a fun thing to build a pc with a specific purpose in mind :P

These parts are needed at a minimum to run in the 3251 Recovery disk.

Costs are inclusive shipping


  • Intel VC820 Motherboard (Ebay, Germany),(Euro 24)
  • 128Mb Ram (with terminator)I actualy got 2, 128mb and 2 terminators so 1 set for 5.75? ( sale, NL)(Euro 11,50)
  • CPU INTEL P3 SLOT 1 733MHz CPU SL3XN 133MHz 256KB 1.65V , (Ebay UK)(GBP 6,98 ~ Euro 8.50)
  • 64MB AGP Dell 3J562 nVidia Geforce3 NV20 DVI / VGA Graphics Card (Ebay UK)(GBP12.99 ~ Euro 15,81)
  • Some IDE and power cables, Powersuppply (free from leftover PC, 25 ?)
  • Screen, secondhand, free (25 euro and you have a nice flatscreen one secondhand)
  • Harddrive (SDK says minimal 20GB, IDE) 80Gb free harddrive (5 euro secondhand?)
Total cost: Euro 59,81(Excluding free parts) Total:  114,81 (With estimated prices for stuff I already got) (Calculation done in 5-3-2014)

Still to Arrive, 2 port USb card :

Belkin F5005 2-Port USB PCI Adapter Card with a OPTI 82C861 Chipset (Get a OPTO 82C861 card), £10,98(13.37 Euro)

And I realy like to have a Controller working (Hammerhead) or hack some files or xbox controller to be accepted. (saw one for 30 USD but US only)

Here is my combo wokring: (second run :P)


UEFI bootmanager and writing to nvram

| Written by CodeAsm

I had some experience with installing Windows on my Lenovo Thinkpad E530 and later also Ubuntu as a multi-boot environment next to windows. It all works fine.And somehow I managed to install an uefi shell aswell, but after I got an SSD and installing windows and Ubuntu, I was unable to recreate a working uefi shell, the Uefi partition i created was stored on the SSD instead of the hdd.

I dont know if moving the files to a hdd partion has serios speed implications, but I want the freedom to replace the now "Data and personal files" disk anytime in the future without destroying the ssd boot options.

So, anyway. I think I fixed it by finding out how efibootmgr works, the man pages can be found here :
And maybe using bcdedit you could do it from windows, but I had a hardtime getting acces to the uefi boot partition (linux is a lot easier if you happen to be Root)

So, basicly one can list all bootoptions stored inside the uefi nvram using just


You get the following result for example:

BootCurrent: 0002
Timeout: 0 seconds
BootOrder: 0004,0000,0001,0002,0003
Boot0000* UEFI Shell
Boot0001  Boot Menu
Boot0002* Windows Boot manager
Boot0003  Lenovo Diagnostics

but thats not all (if you are not root, add sudo) efibootmgr requires that the kernel support access to EFI non-volatile variables (through /proc/efi/vars on 2.4 kernels, /sys/firmware/efi/vars on 2.6 kernels). modprobe efivars should do the trick.

and to get more info: type -v (verbose)

efibootmgr -v

Now the output will be slightly bigger:

BootCurrent: 0013
Timeout: 0 seconds
BootOrder: 0004,0000,0001,0002,0003
Boot0000* UEFI Shell    HD(2,96800,32000,24d8753a-ba2c-4cda-8ef9-8e115d00d4f4)File(\EFI\Shell.efi)
Boot0001  Boot Menu   
Boot0002  Windows Boot manager
Boot0003  Lenovo Diagnostics

You properbly notice that my shell shows up with more info. You can find more info at the man page. but ill show you one for my ubuntu aswell windweos

Boot0013* ubuntu    HD(2,96800,32000,2ff9953a-ba4c-4cda-8ef9-8e235d01d4e4)File(\EFI\ubuntu\shimx64.efi)

so well, il explain what these entry mean, because maybe your say HD(1, ... something something

I exlained that My boot partition is stored on the SSD and I noticed in Linux that my SSD is a second drive device, the HDD is first, so no problem, sda and sdb under linux. sdb is my ssd.

But how was I supposed to add the second partition of my ssd? just /dev/sdb dint work and /dev/sdb2 also not.

-p | --part PART
Partition number containing the bootloader (defaults to 1)

so, I need to use P to specify the partition number if they are not 1 ;)

to add my Shell efi file that was stored in this partition, i used the following command:

sudo efibootmgr -c -d /dev/sda -p 2 -l '\EFI\Shell.efi' -L Shell

where -c means Create a new entry, -d means where the loaders is located (on wich disk) -p specifies wich partition, you could leave this away if its partition 1. -l (small L) means the location of the loader in the filesystem on the partition. and -L means label (using ' ' is also allowed)

To remove a entry

sudo efibootmgr -b 3 -B

-b | --bootnum XXXX
Modify BootXXXX (hex)
-B | --delete-bootnum
Delete bootnum (hex)

you get that HEX number from the list of boot entries.


Good luck and use google (leave a comment or mail me if you want help from me, but hey, Im no expert yet, this just worked :D )



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