Xbox project status

Last Updated on 09 February 2015 | Written by CodeAsm

So recently some things arround my school made me have lotts of time.

Time to work on a Robot project, and ill make a post about that soon, but I also made some progress in researching the xbox.

xbox modchip

At first a working modchip was modified with a kernel I modded... went wrong, I was at the hackerspace and had no way to reprogram the modchip to a working state there. So back home I used my spiderchip from my first xbox (on the right) to Hotswap chips to reprogram the Xecuter2.2 Pro.

And well, just a day after I got a PM, and there we have a long searched file: Barnabas-2084 .rar (it is in 8 parts.)

its the sourcecode for the Xbox kernel, bios. I might try researching this for Xbox live, an idea many people have ideas about, but no one so far as proven a workingserver. modified xbox or custom servers... its probebly gonna be a mess.

The files are here:

[UPDATE] files are gone there, made an archive backup:

Im not hosting these, because nope. but ill reup if its needed.

Cannot tell alott about what ive done so far, but I can confirm its the source, and compares to a few kernel dumps i have.

More on this and other projects soon, hope Facebook comments work ;P