Welcome to my little Vintage photograph search page

I've seen the first picture on a post on facebook by the lovely Emilie autumn on 20-5-2015.
and it sparked a small research for more information as maybe even finding the source. Using Duckduckgo, Google and Tineye reverse image search, sadly alott of pinterest clouded the results as also the finding of 3 other images.

First image is the exact image as Ive got it from facebook, a bad one ofcourse because of the jpg compression and border cut

When you reverse search it, you mostly get the folowing image, wich seems to include a card or page number.

While I do have some sources, only pinterest seems to had lead me to a new photo, wich origin is noted below the image
It is located at a porn website, so even when your just visiting my page, be warned to seem nudity there.

Another result here: cant remember where I found this one.

And I think this should be the original first or one of the earlier: Pinterest source, but that source is gone. so I just downloaded it

For most of the pictures, people like to tag them with "20s" or "30s" "Vintage","Erotic","Photograph", "Woman", "Reading". I also seen some with "Postcard", "French".

one image, describing the france photograph looks like it would be a same setup, maybe a same girl but its not the same clothing and could be totaly diferent and maybe the reason for that earlier notion of france erotic linkage, see for your self source:seatle wordpress

Information as seen in the image is that it are two woman, arround their 20's and its a staged scene with painted background. one of the images contains the words "The Restorer" and some unreadable more.
Also some pictures contain some kinds of identification number or page number. Like 9, 14 or 552

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