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Welcome to the Microsoft Hidden 2001 Server. We are proud to pressent to you a view back in the release days of the original and only truly Xbox. Feel free to look arround and enjoy the freebies. for comments or suggestions: Email, Message or Tweet the owner of this website. CodeAsm

To see some images of an DVT4 click here

Xbox files

To get some XBox files, click here:

Xbox XDK, Kernel and Libary versiosn

Well, Im still working on the 360 part, you can check a test version thats still being worked on here:
xdk_360_BETA.htm its not finished and ill merge it somehow with the full list thats below:

Check here for my Xbox Dashboard and Kernel version research.
Its still incomplete and a work in progress and I still need to rewrite parts and do a full spellcheck. But it might already be helpfull and informative :D.

Next items are added in 2017
Check here for the SH-D162(D) firmware research ive been doing. not much yet tho.
Check here for some xbox live related files ive been investigating.

So well, there has been this update, too small, ill do another one in 2018
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