Xbox Development History

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The Microsoft Xbox software and development software has been released using version numbers and various versions of these versions where either public or private for MS. Some released packages contained Symbol files and others where signed when downloaded while others where not. Sometimes we only got a lose file, like a kernel, Library or executable. Its has sparked my intrest to collect them all. because I can.

This page tries to show as many versions as posible with the known released files with it in a "Compact" view. that means, that if we have a full recovery, we only mention that. files that are found elsewhere that are contained within a larger archive are not mentioned unless really special.

Some sources cannot be disclosed or origins has been lost. We also try to make sure the source is Mircosoft and not some hacker that relabeled something as MS.if posible, a note is added how we got the version or how the proof of excistance was validated.

-CodeAsm 2016

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Xbox Development History - classic

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The classic Xbox was released in 2001, but development started long before that. With the tradition from Windows 2000, Microsoft started counting their development cycles and we headjump to arround build 3000. Its unkown if they had any builds before that, but reasons to believe that they where are high. Intrestingly enough we know they went with to teams working on a console first. A DirectX team and the hardware(? further investigation needed) group where tasked with making a console like device.

The hardware group came with the pc hardware (AMD at first, last minute switch towards Intel and Nvidea) and the DirectX team had the best OS idea. This OS is based on the Windows 2000 kernel, this is proven many times by interviews and hints within files. But especialy after some group or person leaked the kernel,maybe complete source code for a xbox build. its not known to me what the original "release" contained, but traces for this build, 4400 where found for not only the kernel, but dashboard and extra tools microsoft used aswell. within this build, many earlier progress achievements can be found, including files that where part of the windows 2000 sourcecode. Because windows 2000 entire sourcecode has been leaked aswell, we now can compare diferences and similarities aswell. Because the first systems where mostly normal PC's and its been proven posible to build one yourself with the right compenents, we like to also dig into the earlier stages.

For some versions we only have some proof they should excist, others have files, kernels or even recoveries, sdk kits and dashboards. I try to make the tables as clear as posible as what you might expect to see. Not everything is shared on the internet but most of it I got for free and was shared somewhat publicly. If I dont state a link or that you can get it, its in private hands. And there is a big change I dont even have it, because I like sharing. (note, if a owner asks, I never share, same goes for names of persons)

A few special versions like the 4604.1 BETA live havent been released but enough evidences is there to proof their existance and even their importantce

version date SDK FILES note
????SDKXDK Alpha I, a assemblergames member said he/she
????Alpha II Feb 2001, while mfc is 4/4/01 Mfc: 4/4/01 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
????XDK May 2000 xxxxxxx
3146.2Recovery ISO 1-11-2000 November XDK
3146.3ALPHA December 2000 XDK Recovery ISO 15-12-2000 December XDK (also 16-12) ISO is 11.2 MB (11,810,816 bytes)xxxxxx xxxxx note*)
3223.1Recovery ISO is 13.3 MB (14,024,704 bytes)xxxxxx
3224February 2001Yes, but not publicXDK and SDK , Recovery ISO i ownI only have the Recovery iso. Others might have bought more. not released.
3331.1March 2001XDK and SDK xxxxxxxRecovery (nice side way dash) (7-03-2001 April XDK)
3332.1LeakLeak video 01, REC, old style dash
3424.1April 2001XDK and SDK (03.01.01 - New for April XDK release)
3521.1Microsoft Xbox XDK (1.0.3521.1) (2001-05) > May 2001 XDK and SDK symbols
3633.1Alpha SDK SYM (June 01)
3823.1Oldest for DVT3 (fixing an DVT3 on xxxxxxxxx) Oldest acording to xxxxxx for DVT3
3911August XDK 2001(( Final Hardware Recovery) (build on WIN2000 5. 2134/2195 ? 5.1.2258.400) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxt 2001 final x08-46850
3925.1Retail? XDK xxxxxx
4034.1(internet source KERNEL MCPX is X3 httxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxd=50 (dash may be higher...)
4134.601/29/2002December 2001 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes Release Histoxxxxx
4134.703/19/2002December 2001 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes Release History ''
424201/19/2002February 2002 XDK
4242.203/15/2002February 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
436102/28/2002March 2002 XDK Accession SDK ownSDK (Accession)
4361.203/15/2002March 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
4400Kernel and partial Dashboard sourcecodeNicknamed Barnabas was a leak from MS or stolen.
443203/29/2002April 2002 XDK
4504.12002Live Beta (kernel and dash) internet source (MCPX-X2 code asswell)
453104/28/2002May 2002 XDK
4604.12002Live beta, as seen at InsaneNutters Beta kit Youtube
4627.106/05/2002June 2002 XDK June WAM SDK
472106/26/2002Juli 2002 XDK
4817 Kernel only? source interwebs, MCPX is X3 htxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=50
483107/31/2002August 2002 XDK
4831.508/23/2002August 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
4831.608/29/2002August 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
4831.809/12/2002August 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
4831.910/18/2002August 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
492808/28/2002September 2002 XDK parts
4928.209/12/2002September 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
4928.310/03/2002September 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes parts
4928.410/18/2002September 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
4928.703/18/2003September 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes recovery
502810/04/2002October 2002 XDK
5028.310/18/2002October 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
5028.403/18/2003October 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes iso?
5101Internet source
5120.110/31/2002November 2002 XDK (parts andxxxxxxxx?)
5120.3 03/18/2003 November 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
5120.4 04/09/2003 November 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
5209 ARCDDASH, Segaboot (other libs are: 5028)
5233.1 12/12/2002 December 2002 XDK
5233.3 02/17/2003 December 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
5233.4 03/18/2003 December 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
5233.5 04/09/2003 December 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
5344.1 02/04/2003 February 2003 XDK
5344.2 02/17/2003 February 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
5344.3 03/18/2003 February 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
5344.4 04/09/2003 February 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
5455.1 04/18/2003 April 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes XDK
5455.2 04/18/2003 April 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
5530 < Internet source
5558.1 05/30/2003 June 2003 XDK Recovery own
5558.2 06/20/2003 June 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
5558.4 10/03/2003 June 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
5659.1 07/30/2003 August 2003 XDK Recovery own, XDK also
5659.2 09/30/2003 August 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
5659.3 (could be that this is the recovery?
5659.4 10/03/2003 August 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
5659.5 11/20/2003 August 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes
5713 < Internet source
5788.1 11/11/2003 November 2003 XDK XDK Setup
5829 November 27, 2007 Xbox Backwards Compatibility Mode
5838 (kernel) < Internet source.
5849.0 recoveries [xxxx]
5849.1 and SDK REC
5849.6 (remote)recoveries [xxxxxxxxe]
5933.1 and SDK Remote recoverie [lxxxxxxxxve] (I own a version aswell)
5960.01 DAS (internet source

"I got the 3146.3 iso from assemblergames, I noticed: A regular CDFS (not xbox) iso. DOS files (modded DOS 7.1 (win 98)) in the root A very NT-like boot sector. If you've seen those videos of early xbox alpha devkits, note the flash of 'Starting..' - that's io.sys." -someone

The Kernel and Dashboard sourcecode

Also known as Barnabas archive or 4400 xbox sourcecode, was a leak of stolen or found code of to me unkown origin. The original leak was claimed to be more complete and unedited. Due to its spread amoung the Modchip makers to make beter Kernels, its not precisly known what mods has been performed. Some files have copies that seem to be the unmodified versions and there are notes added like: "allow encrypted EEPROM on retail ^-^", "i see no reason not to do this here, but set american also ^-^" (about the gameregion). But some people including myself, where able to compile and link enough parts using the supplied tools and windows DDK to make a somewhat booting Kernel. Its however looping or locked under Xqemu very early, probably due to incorrect modding, incorrect emulation or some more hacks has to be performed for this particular build to work.

There was also a archive named "KEY SIGN.7z" wich contained similair but less files and what apears to be an incomplete dashboard. File names and verion numbering indicate they belong to the same version of the xbox sourcetree. Included are some special tools MS used to sign or edit exectuables and certificates for geneolegy databases. It seems not only from the files but also documentation that signing xbe's with these tools could be done, but the right keys/certificates are missing.'

Overall it seems kernel modders might have used this in combination with already compiled parts to only mod those parts that where needed to patch. So to eneble homebrew, custom bootpaths and changed bootsplashes beyound just color variations. Its might have contributed to kernelpatching and further undertstanding of the kernel. The keysign archive has been shared amoung people making homebrew games and it might have helped with controller input, video output and networking. Early version of Xbox live networking can be found and it might have helped modchip makers make their patched kernels to work under Live kernels and dashboards aswell. More research can be done, but for now, this article is long enough.

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Xbox Development History - 360

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History about the 360s beginning has been documented well elsewhere but some details or intresting facts can still be told. Looking at the early software availeble Microsoft did not just start from scratch but actualy seem to take exsisting tools, file layouts and development methodoligies towards a project they called Xenon. Xenon was the work name for along time internaly and afterwards revert by the homebrew scene to the retail released hardware, mainly because the boards that sit inside the Xbox 360 also got this nickname.

Kernel version is the version mentioned inside files (this is assumed targeted version) the FLASH version means the version of the flash filesystem. whatever the real reasons or numbering is, FLASH is written down by me as being the retail availeble dashboard like version, the XKD dev goes waay higher faster.

Entries in green are retail dash

Below is the version table. First retail kernel/dash NXE Early Update NXE Official Update Latest official release - 2.0.17511.0

KERNEL FLASH Release date SDK Recovery Kernel/Dash url notes
0198.0 NOFILES mentioned by karcsi89 AG thread First XDK Launcher Alpha 1
0417.0 May (27) 2004 ? found inside the Giano project
0418.0 SceneViewer in XenonRecovery 615 mentions build 418 adds 64bit kernel support, also found in Giano project
0422.0 May (27) 2004 ? found inside the Giano project
0615.0 No Symbols inside recovery MEGA thx 2 AG XboxSurgeon provided proof for build 418 excistance
1232.0 NOFILES mentioned by karcsi89 AG thread as Second XDK Launcher Alpha 2
1529 Xbox-scene forum on Archive Someone found a recovery disk, no one every heard of it or him (the-ghoul) again(?)
1616.7 Seen on beta 007 kit.
1640.0 Seen on beta kit.
1746.1 Seen on a beta kit. First with keyvaults.
1800.1 Nov 22, 2005 ?
1810.5 XeDK
1838.0 XeDK
1838.1 1838.1 NOFILES Flash only? mentioned by karcsi89 AG thread as BETA launcher
1839.2 NOFILES Flash only? XeDK release Dashboard
1861.0 NOFILES Flash only? XeDK release Dashboard
1888.0 1888.0 Kernel inside every xb360, Dash maybe some There should be recoveries and sdk excisting, also this is a executable version gap barrier
4532.0 1080p video output and the external HD DVD drive attachment
4929.0 XDKRecoveryXenon4929.exe the only one a pre-release hardware system will accept.Assemblergames thread
7357.0 New Xbox Experience
20871.2 Signature
21256.12 Symbols MEGA
21256.18 Unkown MEGA
17502.0 11/17/2016 Microsoft support
17511.0 11/17/2016 Microsoft support

Most of the above files can be downloaded from:MEGA or MEGA or atleast MEGA

No files remark

This means we only have a reverence to this version and a specific part or parts. Like a kernel, dashboard, recovery or sdk. no files has been found to proof it. Sometimes an image or mention is the only source (these should be checked for authenticity)

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Xbox Development History - ONE

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Im realy a Xbox classic guy, but while I dont own a Xbox one, I am instrested :D So here we go

Version Xbox tooling Version Date SDK Recovery Software Note
6.2.8297.0 March 2012 VHD image fbl_fun_embedded_xos.120311-1700 The Distractor (filedump) of a VirtualBox XboxOne Alpha, also known as Durango virtual image
6.2.8417.0 Oktober 2012 its been mentioned briefly on betaarchive (probably parts belong to 6.2.8422.0
6.2.8422.0 3.0.1223.0 October 2012 VHD image (fbl_fun_embedded_xos_devs.120920-1700), found in the leaked VirtualBox XboxOne Alpha, also known as Durango
6.2.8???.0 Nov 2012 its been mentioned briefly on betaarchive
6.2.9260.0 Januari 2013 xb_rel1301.130124-2200 its been mentioned briefly on betaarchive as incomplete(?) The Distractor on the BetaArhive, After this, XVD aka encrypted
6.2.9299.0 March 2013 xb_rel1302.130313-2200 its been mentioned briefly on betaarchive The Distractor on the BetaArhive
6.2.9386.0 April 2013 xb_rel_1304.130419-1718 its been mentioned briefly on betaarchive The Distractor on the BetaArhive
6.2.9396.0 (xb_rel_1304_mte.130507-1526 its been mentioned briefly on betaarchive The Distractor on the BetaArhive
6.2.9434.0 May 2013 xb_rel_1305.130523-2000 its been mentioned briefly on betaarchive The Distractor on the BetaArhive
6.2.9516.0 Juli 2013 xb_rel_1306.130630-2227 its been mentioned briefly on betaarchive The Distractor on the BetaArhive
6.2.9586.0 August 2013 pre-release update, its been mentioned briefly on betaarchive The Distractor on the BetaArhive
6.2.9781.0 August 2013 First public retail release been mentioned briefly on betaarchive The Distractor on the BetaArhive

Microsoft Giano project

"Giano is a framework for the full-system simulation of arbitrary computer systems, with special emphasis on the hardware-software co-development of system software and Real-Time embedded applications" microsoft december 21, 2010

This system simulation framework enabled microsoft to test kernel funtions for the xenon quickly. its unkown if its realy used for the development of the xbox 360 or later to try PowerPC G5 simulation with Microsoft code but clearly contains a bootable image for a kernel with a framebuffer test for a simulated ATI R300/R500(?) of the Alpha period of development.

"The Xbox 360 software team used a simulator derived from Giano to develop the system software in advance of actual hardware availability. This has given them a net six months advantage on the software schedule and allowed them to meet an extremely demanding timeline for delivering the product on time for the Holiday season" - Giano: The Two-Headed System Simulator

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Xbox executables

Alpha recoveries were xex0 while Beta were xex1, but even then 1888 is final (xex2), wich means no older executables can be run. (giano is what ?)

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Xbox live server and service sourcecode

Its not known exactly, but atleast one archive containing Microsoft xbox live

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Xbox ONE Durango alpha soft and hardware

XBox one durango Buildfeed mentions Durango software Multiple intresting things over: Thread on BetaArchive also the the xbox development team released a note for developers on Alpha kits:

Support Only for Beta Development Kits The March XDK exclusively supports beta hardware. If you need to continue on alpha hardware, use the January 2013 XDK. However, we urge you to move to beta hardware and software as quickly as possible. There are no plans for future software releases that support alpha kits. Also, all new features of Xbox LIVE will be available only to beta hardware. Official support for alpha kits will end on May 1, 2013. At that time, we will no longer provide technical support for development with alpha kits nor guarantee that alpha kits can connect to Xbox LIVE.
Jimstra on Beta(and assemblerg) "
The FTP server appears to be using the username/password of "durango" (no quotes)."

Hounsell: "Grab an AMD64 WinPE, boot into it and do the following:

use Diskpart to set the partition on the VHD as active
Copy bootmgr from C:\Windows\Boot\PCAT to the root of the drive
Run bcdboot C:\Windows /s C:

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Version History

Newest version added entries for the Xbox ONE, mainly thanks to BetaArchive
2.2 December 2016 Added barnabas and Xbox live server notes
2.1 November 2016 Added all versions from old documents and altered table layout to clean layout
2.0 November 2016 Rebuild version file in html, added tables for xbox, xbox 360 and xbox one