Samsung SH-D162D DVD-ROM drive firmware

Story about why and how will come

There seems to be 2 ic, MT1308 and MT1309, first being IDE and second SATA ? it might run 25MMhz but im not sure about this

official site mentions not much

Firmware is always 256 KiB, the onboard flash might be this size. First string seen in the firmware is: "MT1308/9 Firmware Copyright 2006 MediaTek Inc". and always ends with: "TSSTcorpDVD-ROM SH-D162DSB0?" where ? == the firmware version. a similair pattern apears arround 0x14105

A litle weird thing in the very beginning seems to indicate "Endianness" change. Could just be a check or test part but the following string seems wrong, yet so familiar (the correct one is not far of) "OBTO STTSocprVD-DOR MHSD-61D2" (yes, it should atleast contain the word "BOOT". quite a landing place if you ask me.

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Firmware list

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The following list are the firmware files ive found

Filename Date Size Type MD5 Firmware MD5 note
SH-D162D_SB00.exe 2007 1.8 MiB Installer a2dabff5ea1a25d8c670d7d6eecc4c5d f8d38a2216a1b5aef3fb11eaa4430799 200706281644411972_SH-D162D_SB00.bin
SH-D162D_SB00.bin June 28, 2007 256 KiB Firmware f8d38a2216a1b5aef3fb11eaa4430799 (same as in Exe) uploaded seperatly aswell
SH-D162D_SB01.exe other source 30 Oct 2008 1.8 MiB Installer 92265d6547766183c5bcc3953972e849 2d21dace315118a7b8c876aaccb0fe73 SH-D162D_SB01.bin, this came from another source
SH-D162D_SB01.exe 30 Oct 2008 1.8 MiB Installer e19a48fd0ac6aafee2556a767cdcbfd2 51b5d16ad0e30c47fa224e717547cfdf Unkown why this (official?) one is different
SH-D162D_SB02.exe 28 Jan 2009 1.7 MiB Installer 6b32fc3f5efa498c4d35dd3165da5580 22c1097b021842dc6ba569e061d2d78f SH-D162D_SB02.bin
SH-D162D_SB03.exe 19 Mar 2009 1.7 MiB Installer 319ec0fb8d97209d33f8b8a71bb11f3a 3ba3cd972ac6dc9109b12836c3e2358a SH-D162D_SB03.bin
SH-D162D_SB04.exe 28 Sep 2009 1.7 MiB Installer 28fd3dda2d9ab7d85a3d66281db9107c 6dde518114cfd4c0677920b4ad981b58 SH-D162D_SB04.bin

Kreon Firmware

Kreon firmware are used to dump for example, xbox games from DVD using normal PC hardware. Currently I do not let you download any firmware or tool.
I do however allow you to download a Diff file to patch original firmwares. I think thats somewhat legal.

Included with the D162C was a Fix firmware, its strangely said: "MSTH-53A3"

Filename Date Size Type Firmware MD5 DIFF note
SH-D162D_SB00_KREON_V100.BIN 2006 256 KiB Hacked Kreon Firmware 6360057764b8c982ddad06de1c657378 get this diff, its based on SB00. (i used hexdump -C to make the hex files.) Got this firmware one from DarkGabz. Seems to be based on SB00.

Flash download for windows (and other tool)

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The following list are the firmware files ive found

Filename Version Size Date Type MD5 note
sfdnwin.exe 3.10.1 593 KiB 2003.12 Standalone firmware downloader 5ddef131fd16965fb0e8193ce1e7f5a1 Program internaly is numbered version: 3.07.2
sfdnwin.exe 3.23.3 748.0 KiB 2004.9 Standalone firmware downloader 2d0b26681b8b2b11096451408ea8d6dd Written in Delphi?
3.23.3 748.0 KiB 2004.9 Standalone firmware downloader 8276f574241f04a18acc690a1ee8cf53 Got this one from DarkGabz
sfdnwin.exe 3.25.2 750.5 KiB 2005.5 Standalone firmware downloader 90dbf187043d4d42ac3cf7ae908e5d68 Written in Delphi?
sfdnwin.exe 3.25.4 751 KiB 2005.11 Standalone firmware downloader b3cb100182a6b57f6b88472f12d6e778 Written in Delphi?
sfdnwin.exe 3.25.6 751.5 KiB 2006.10 Standalone firmware downloader 05af51344155dcb24d5e6cb7cb7021bd Written in Delphi?
Tsdnwin.exe 1.00.b.4 1.5 MiB 2008.05 TSDNWIN 4786db9855c572d946e3221a9f32d2ef Written in Delphi? part of each firmware installer, SB00 and SB01
Tsdnwin.exe 1.00.2 1.4 MiB 2008.06 TSDNWIN d5798bc2eace56d7bc2d1e4d79125feb Written in Delphi? part of each firmware installer,SB02 and SB03
Tsdnwin.exe 1.01.a 1.4 MiB 2009.06 TSDNWIN 742cbc6da4e9f6716cd8fff4ca082c69 Written in Delphi? part of each firmware installerSB04

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Last edit: June 30 2017
June 30, 2017 - Added Kreon firmware that I got from DarkGabz
June 23, 2017 - some edits
Jun 22, 2017 - Initalial setup and added firmware table for SH-D162D