Xbox Live dashboard research

During my search for intresting xbox files I found that alott of people have been stripping the 50~ mb dashupdates from their game backups. But now with no more xbox live, wich versions did we get in such dashupdates, what did they patch and wich versions cant we recieve or update to anymore? And above all, are there any gems or sweet dev leftovers inside some of those versions? Follow me on this path towards a story about the original Xbox live.

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I hope you enjoy it. I am in no way responsible for what you do with this information. Also, Microsoft, we love you guys, please dont hurt us, we just wanna play games again, on xbox live. someday, somehow, preverably legal and if posible opensource.

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Xbox live History - as we found by code and files

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So far as I came to understand, Microsoft started working on Xbox live well before 2002. They probably had prototypes of the security already up or atleast some code examples internaly well before 2002. In November 2002 they went public with the Xbox live for the original Xbox. During development, Beta testers where given versions of Revolt! and NFL Fever to beta test the live services. April 15, 2010 was the sad day, Xbox live support went deaded for the OG xbox. Some say its due to the 100 friend limit the OG xbox had and the 360 was about to be expanded, others rumour it had to do with MS pushing the 360 as their main console.

its not known yet how much Xbox live public itterations there where and due to Version strings differ to much or not at all between certain versions, we will name them temporarely like the following table, BUT this list will change as we figure out more, numbers are TEMPORARELY.

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Xbox live file catalog

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The following list is a collection of Xbox live executables, either the live update files or the installed files as we know them. for further research or notes, some files might redirect to their respectfull entry in the structure or code section where we discus the inner details.

Filename Date (cert) Date compiled Median Lib version XODASH Buildpath MD5 MS Signed note
dashupdate.xbe11-02-200320035344?d:\xbox-feb03\private\online\xodash\dashupd\obj\i386\DashUpdate.exe053ad3fd34a69bb8748029dcc040d66aSignedname"Xbox Dashboard Updater", it has a DASHUPD lib of 50~ size.Only notes XDash 1.5
^13-02-200419-12-20035849?d:\xboxfre-dec03\private\online\xodash\dashupd\obj\i386\DashUpdate.exef0271da399d9e988486f9e1ccca8f8d9Signedname"Xbox Dashboard Updater", it has a DASHUPD lib of 51~ size. It has notes for XDash 1.5, Avenger and Hulk
update.xbe03-07-200320035849?d:\xboxfre-dec03\private\online\xodash\xodashupdate\title\obj\i386\TitleUpdate.exe0f8fa3a60a5714f1a2f29f303b45f776Yet to analyse further
downloader.xbe03-07-200319-12-20035849?d:\xboxfre-dec03\private\ui\dl\dl\obj\i386\Downloader.exe3d797419f979c20f5c594dc916f7be72Yet to analyse further
XOnlineDash.xbe03-07-200306-05-20045849?5971?d:\xbox\private\online\xodash\xodashmain\obj\i386\XOnlineDash.exe03bbf0709076df99f3ed0102392a7f3aYet to analyse further, live lib not in main lib tables, only XODASH differs.

By median lib I mean the common used one. it might differ from a live lib version. ill put a note if too much is diferent.

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