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[DIR] Accounts/ 15-Feb-2015 23:02 - Xbox live accounts retrieved using hexediting
[DIR] Chihiro as sold by seller 12-June-2017 20:02 - Chihiro sold to me as by the seller. recieved pretty much this.
[DIR] My broken Chihiro 12-June-2017 19:52 - I want to fix my chihiro one day
[DIR] HDDVD/ 06-Feb-2015 13:38 -  360 era
[DIR] Xbox XDK Rare Samples - BlueShogun96/ 10-Dec-2013 16:15 -  Check for a Youtube example
[DIR] documentimages/ 15-Jan-2015 14:35 -  Some special images Ive found and share here (come from the repair docs, file below)
[RAR] AlphaRecsAndVGABios.rar 17-Mar-2014 21:27 4.2M  Alpha 1(?) and 2 recovery and firmware (firmware isnt needed ;) )
[RAR] Boot Loader Test Utility-Xbox.rar 10-Dec-2013 16:10 73K   not very usefull, but intresting tool anyway
[RAR] Refresh Disc -Xbox.rar 10-Dec-2013 16:10 104K  The refresh disk xbe (will wipe ripped music and all saves, doesnt install dash!)
[RAR] Segaboot.rar 12-Aug-2012 22:54 779K  Sega Chihiro boot files (xbe, turns a xbox to a chihiro...this is kind of a mirror)
[TXT] Xbox Kernel_Dash_XDK versions.txt 19-June-2015 12:46 16K Updated the Xbox 360 version list (removed dubplicates and added notes
[ZIP] 12-Aug-2012 22:54 2.0M  
[ZIP] 15-Jan-2015 14:29 3.7M  Found 2 presentations that reviel some intresting details of the Xbox classic and 360

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