Xbox 360 HDDVD Emulator

I subscribed to a beta test thing to get the hddvd emulator files. My Xenon broke down a few years back and these files are all I got left or redownload.

I have tried to make it run again and it is suposed to still work kinda with the PC side of the emulator. (this is used to test hddvd images before production and to

test the 360 functionality) ... Its part of the XBox 360 and HD DVD history. feel free to ask questions at the assemblergames forums or twitter me.

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12-13-07-xbox360_emulator.jpg 32.0 KB
Advanced Interactivity Development Best Practices.pdf 644.0 KB
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HDDVDEmulator.msi 1.0 MB
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Xbox360_HDDVD_Emulator.pdf 196.0 KB