Xbox Alpha I/II

At this moment this page only contains my own "FrankenAlpha" or "Alpha from scratch" images.
This means these images are UNCONFIRMED to be Alpha xbox related. refer to main page for more info.
NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[IMG]SL736285.JPG25-Jan-2013 23:24 3.3MNIC Intel, unconfirmed, but looks the right one. Compare yourself and see :P 
[IMG]SL736287.JPG25-Jan-2013 23:25 3.4MNV-1071 NVidea Geforce Video card, untested so far. seems ok, this one is retail unmodified. 
[IMG]SL736288.JPG25-Jan-2013 23:26 3.1MIntel VC820 Motherboard with 2 128Mb rambus cards and 2 dummy's. 

At this moment, these images should NOT be your source for a ALpha xbox
Please go to and/or contact me for more info.