Xbox DVT4 - photos 2012

This is a small collection of my xbox pictures.
There are more and comming soon, but these are a still to nice to hide.
Notice the clear view at the partnumbers :D Yeah.s

My desk at my old house
Serial with LPC Check a LPC47M14xx datasheet here its not the same, but close

DVD emu check the usb, data just go to the white connector, its not connected to anything.
I removed the IDE cable for the dvd and HDD to make this shot.
DVD closeup of FPGA can we read the settings?
Backside Serial Nice :D
full serialMouse, keyboard anyone? only removed the serial, not sure if important
Xbox jewel* Wow
DevKit on case printed* looking nice
"prototype" on dvddrivedid you know this? SOme of us did.
*no label, nice for background :P ill post unmarked ones when my new cms is here.